Midwest Minute- May 4/16 - "You Just Have to Laugh at Yourself Sometimes"

Published 04 May 16 09:56 AM | Vern McClelland 

You Just Have to Laugh at Yourself Sometimes

We work in a serious business crammed full of emotion and stress. But there are simply days when no matter how focused you think you are, life throws yet another curve ball. Here are some of my swings and misses from over the years.

I was asked to give an opinion of value on a family home in a Midwest community and the owner gave me their civic address. He would be off to work by the time I would arrive so simply said the door would be unlatched and I could lock up when I left.

I got to the address about 8:30 in the morning. As promised the door was unlocked and I proceeded into the home deciding to look at the kitchen first. Funny thing was that I could hear the shower running with a female singing. “That’s odd!” I thought, “the owner is a bachelor, maybe he had a friend staying over?

All of a sudden it hit me. I was at 104 4th Avenue East. Where I was supposed to be according to the file prepared by my assistant was 104 4th Avenue West. I don’t think I have ever walked backwards so quietly in my life, gently closing the outside door, and practically running to get my truck out of the driveway before someone noticed.

Our Group covers about 5,000 sq miles on northeast Alberta, the City of Lloydminster, and northwest Saskatchewan. I consider exploring new territory to be an adventure but sometimes one should probably exercise some caution. I was east of Turtle Lake on the end of long winding trail on the forest fringe looking at some land a client wanted listed when a major thunderstorm hit. It was coming down so hard that the wipers on the truck couldn’t keep up.

My first thought was “no problem, I will wait it out” when a second opinion from the other side of the brain suggested that a strategic retreat before the road became impassable might be in order. Problem was the trail was so narrow there was nowhere to turn around. Again my ability to travel in reverse came through but it was tense the last half mile as water covered most of the road. It was two weeks before it dried up enough so I could get back into the location and take some pictures.

Another time in the winter I was driving across a snow filled stubble field looking at the perimeter of a newly subdivided acreage near Lashburn when the front end of the truck dropped hard into a drainage ditch. There I sat with the frame hung up over the edge. Good thing the local tow operator was also a client so he came quickly to my rescue but I’m sure he wondered about my navigation skills!

Realtors often work evenings. It’s a blessing when we can get home for supper and catch up a bit with family before heading back out. However, this particular time I learned a lesson I will try my best not to repeat. You see, there were fresh baked muffins on the counter and I indulged in not just one but two for dessert.

Fast forward an hour and while I’m sitting with a couple discussing their home, I can feel my stomach starting to do gymnastics. I knew what was coming and fortunately, I was able to finish my work with them, then beat a hasty path to the bathroom of the local convenience store.

When I got home I asked my wife what was in the muffins? A mixture of carrot, pineapple, and bran, she said. Why?

Vern McClelland is an associate broker with RE/MAX of Lloydminster and a partner with the Midwest Group. He can be reached at (780) 808-2700, through www.wesellmidwest.ca, or follow the team on Facebook at Midwest Group Lloydminster. 

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