Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you. See what our clients have said about our real estate services...

"Vern was excellent and professional. He has an awesome knowledge of the area we lived in as well as not only my personal property, but the similar local properties. Very straightforward and perfect for me to deal with. We are VERY happy with the overall experience."   Shane Redekopp

 "We contacted Vern a few years ago, we were just in the process of thinking of selling our property, not real serious, but had some questions.  We actually tried selling it a year before, wasn't the time I'm guessing.  We also spoke about putting it on tenders, we decided that was not what we wanted to do. In saying all this, we really appreciated how Vern let us make our decision to sell without any forced feeling of His comments, He gave us all the options and left it to us.  We also appreciated how up front and honest he was, and of course very friendly and warm and kind. We would use the company again, and of course Vern if he would still be employed there.  Thank you Vern, our best regards to you."       Irene & Jim Kivimaa


"We have sold two different properties and bought one property with the direct help of Vern McClelland.  He is honest, genuine, helpful, and knowlegible.  Our propery was listed promptly and put on MLS listing.  We were sent the video listing to preview and had the option of editing anything we were not happy with.  Vern McClelland took all the stress out of listing and selling our properties.  He listened to our concerns and put them to rest very easily.  He is quite professional and easy to communicate with.  We recommend Vern McClelland and would not hesitate to use him again."     Brad and Jeannette Vetter

"Thank-you Vern!  You REALLY helped us in more ways the one.  We desperately needed a quick sale at the list price.  You gave us everything we needed"   Harvey and Laurie Penner

"I was impressed with Vern McClelland's local market knowledge, experience and forthright approach in terms of giving practical advice for the best sales results possible.
He managed our expectations in a realistic manner and always made himself available for discussion and consultation. Vern is a caring individual and a solid, experienced business professional. "  Barbara Wychopen


"I have known Vernon McClelland for many years, and trust his professional competencies.   We had not been in the Canadian housing market for more than 30 years, and were rather concerned about the process, Vernon put us at ease with his comfortable style of engagement, and his obvious grasp of the complexities of the Real Estate Market in general, and the local mid west environment in particular.  His presentations, including the use of technology, (video showcasing the house), the use of the Internet, for enhanced exposure reminded my wife and I favorable of our recent experiences with Arizona real estate environment, and were a real plus for us.  Everybody thinks their house is unique, our large house plus office attached, on 2+ acres, in the rural Midwest, truly fit that bill, and Vernon sold it within 4 months.  Downsizing was a stressful experience for my wife and I, from rural acreage to suburban condominium, along with my retirement from clinical medicine;  Vernon McClelland, and his collegues made their part of the transition smooth and positive.  I would recommend them highly to all who would need their services."  Elizabeth & Dr Malcolm A Warburton 


"I would definitely recommend Vern Mclelland if you are looking to sell your home, especially in the Midwest as he had a very good knowledge of the area, fair market values and he himself has lived here for many years. He estimated the market value of our property very accurately and gave us some very helpful advise that led to the timely sale of our property that we were looking for, thanks Vern! "  Mike Lawrence


"We felt the whole transaction was excellent; we felt the pricing of the property and negotiations with the buyer were both critical components where the broker was extremely helpful. "     Randy & Linda Rutley


"Very happy with the service that the Midwest group gave. Thank you. "      Vicki Izzard


"Me and my wife had a great experience with vern. He is very Profesional and he will go that extra mile if needed."     Ashley & Robert Tappauf


"Vern McClelland once again has out done himself. Vern's knowledge and ability has shone again. In a tight slow market we sold our property in under ten days. "         Mark & Sheena Munro


"I have had transactions with Vern for many years now and have always found him to be a very focused professional in his field. Vern has great ethics and tells you how it is,not necessarily what you want to hear. I would have no problem is recommending Vern McClelland and his associates to any person that respected my oplnion."        Ian & Terry Nicholson




"Michael was very in touch with our wants and needs and showed us places that were very suitable.  He handled the sale very well and procession was quick and easy.  I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to buy or sell.  Thanks Michael."           Pam and Neal Beznoska


"Great service. Always gave his honest opinion even if it was one I really did not want to hear, but needed to hear."               Paul and Julia Petten


"Vern did an outstanding in selling the property during a downturn time."  Shirley Christensen